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Commuter Bible is an audio Bible podcast to match your weekly schedule. Published Monday-Friday, major holidays excluded. In the course of a year, you can listen to the entire Bible. Subscribe today and get more of God's Word in your daily life.

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    Genesis 11-14; Psalm 4

    After generations of mankind’s constant outpouring of wickedness, the Lord decided to send a flood to wipe out Creation, saving only those men and creatures whom he had chosen to enter the ark that he had commanded to be built. The Bible clearly shows us that sin continued through Noah and his family through the generations, and at the Tower of Babel, we’ll see that men chose to use their God-given creativity to defy God Himself, disobeying God’s command to fill the earth. The opt instead, to make a name for themselves, but God graciously scatters them. Later, God decides to make one man, a man with both faults and virtues, into a father of nations, and we meet that man today.

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    Genesis 7-10; Psalm 3

    In our last episode God declared that he was going to put an end to mankind for their constant outpouring of evil and sinfulness. In His mercy, God decided to spare Noah and his family and gave him specific instructions for building an ark that support them and a bevy of animals for a full year, until the floodwaters recede. Today we see what happens when the floodgates of the sky are opened upon Creation.

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    Genesis 4-6; Psalm 2

    In our last episode God spoke Creation into existence and formed man from the dust of the ground in the image of God Himself. He blessed mankind and gave them every green plant for food, except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent deceived Eve while Adam stood by silently, and both of them chose to rebel against God.

    Their rebellion led to division: their relationship with a holy God was tainted, their relationship with each other was fractured, even Creation itself felt the weight of their sin.

    The sons of Adam continue in rebellion and disobedience, causing chaos and bloodshed, driven by sinful and selfish desires, ultimately, God decides to hit the reset button.

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    Genesis 1-3; Psalm 1

    Genesis 1-3 and Psalm 1. CSB translation. Genesis is a book of beginnings as it lays a foundation for the rest of Scripture. Here especially in the first three chapters we the beauty of God’s good and ordered creation, His clear direction in creating mankind in His own image, and His generous provision both before and after sin.

    Here, too, we see man’s relationship with God fall from one of peace, unity, and harmony into one of disorder and division as man rejects God’s good design and sins against His Maker.

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    Trailer - 2019

    Commuter Bible is an audio Bible to match your weekly schedule. 5 episodes a week, less than 30 minutes an episode, with major holidays excluded from the schedule.