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Why Commuter Bible?

more time in the Word!

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Convenience of a podcast

  • Subscribe, and your next reading is lined up for you.

  • Readily available on your favorite podcast app.

  • Get time in the Word when you drive, ride, bike, walk, run, cook, clean, get ready, prep meals, and more.

Work Desk

Consistency of a reading plan

  • Each plan is designed to help you meet a specific reading goal (Old Testament, New Testament, or the entire Bible) at five days a week over the course of a year. We even break for holidays so you don't get behind.

  • No charts/papers necessary: we post the next reading for you.

  • Accountability! As each episode lands in your subscriptions, you'll remember to prioritize time in the Word.

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Better than standard audio Bibles

  • Introductions help set the stage for each reading.

  • Music breaks with original music ease listening fatigue.

  • Expressive reading by a pastor who reads the text with interpretive emphasis (standard readings by voice-actors are intentionally devoid of expression).


Find the reading plan that's right for you.

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Our flagship reading plan takes you through the entire Bible in a year. Readings are 25-30 minutes in length and alternate between Old & New Testaments (completing one book at a time) with secondary readings from wisdom books throughout the year.

Commuter Bible

Our "quiet" line-up reading plan is queued up beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation. No introductions or music breaks: just narration. We'll let you know what the episode covers and then leave you alone after that. 

Commuter Bible Q (new!)

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Read through the Old Testament chronologically in a year. Readings average 20 minutes per episode and include a short secondary reading from Psalms or Proverbs. Pair w/ Commuter Bible NT for an alternate full-Bible reading plan.

Commuter Bible OT

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Read through the New Testament in the course of a year. Readings are less than 10 minutes per episode and generally include one chapter per episode. Like the original Commuter Bible plan, we'll cover whole books chapter-by-chapter, moving between books throughout the year. Pair with Commuter Bible OT for an alternate full-Bible reading plan.

Commuter Bible NT

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